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The simple, private way to
collect user feedback

Capture simple, and privacy focused user feedback
in real-time with PopupFeedback.

Gain insight into how your customers feel about your website and more.

PopupFeedback helps you know what your customers are thinking with emojis and other forms of simple feedback.

Easy to Create

With PopupFeedback, you can select emoji patterns that match your brand, simple text feedback, or your own custom made campaign types.

  • Pick emoji patterns that match your campaign goals
  • Change popup colors to match your brand
😁 😀 🙂 🙁 😡
🔥 💩
👍 👎

Integrate PopupFeedback into your blog, website, web app or email.

  • Works on Laravel, WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, Shopify, pretty much the whole internet.
  • Copy & paste our code snippet to embed onto your website.
  • Or, use your campaign link

Check your campaign performance, views, clicks, and the status of your campaigns in real-time through our dashboard.

  • View percentage based results
  • Response Rate calculation
  • Total impressions
Gain Insights & Repeat

Clone campaigns to test various wording,helping you find the best feedback type for your users.

  • Emoji based
  • Text based
  • NPS (coming soon...)
  • Custom values (coming soon...)

Sustainable Pricing

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